Orzo Veggie Salad


This salad is wonderfully refreshing, crunchy and satisfying on a hot summer’s day served with a cool glass of white wine! Try it❤️


1lb box orzo pasta
½ each: yellow, red, and orange bell pepper (diced small)
½ small red onion (diced small)
2 carrots (peeled and diced small)
1 can pitted black olives (cut in half)
1 cup grape tomatoes (cut in half)
1 cup feta cheese, crumbled
½ cup fresh basil (rough chopped)
Salt & pepper to taste

For Dressing: 1 cup of your favorite Italian or Balsamic salad dressing ( as I did, just use  olive oil and balsamic vinegar and add to taste, using salt & pepper as seasoning)

Cook Orzo according to package directions. Drain & rinse in cool water
While pasta is cooking, small dice all veggies (bell peppers, onion, carrots)
Cut grape tomatoes and olives in half.
Once orzo is rinsed and drained well combine with chopped veggies, olives and feta cheese. Add salad dressing and mix well. Start with small amts of dressing and keep adding till it tastes good to you and is moist.
Add salt and pepper as needed.
Before serving top with fresh chopped basil and drizzle with olive oil. Enjoy❤️


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  1. run2kar says:

    Come mi piacerebbe mangiare questa sera ….. gustoso

    Liked by 1 person

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