Columbus Park of Roses




Last week while I was visiting my sister and her family in Columbus Ohio we went to this magnificently serene place called “The Columbus Park of Roses”. Opened in 1953 and maintained by the Columbus parks and recreation department this is a very unique 13 acre garden setting within a city park featuring over 11,000 rose bushes and simple gardens such as an Herb Garden, a Daffodil Garden, a Perennial Garden and specialized collections of all varieties of roses. It’s One of the largest municipal rose gardens in the United States and is open free to the public. The sheer amount of roses is absolutely breathtaking! This garden is truly a hidden treasure and a wonder to behold. They say that June is the best month to see it in full bloom and they are right, these pictures don’t do it justice but Sitting on a bench or just walking through the fields of color is amazing it brings you peace and quiet for maybe just a short while but it’s so worth it! I Hope you can also visit this extraordinary place one day 🌹



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  1. Mary Vento says:

    Just beautiful! The must have been so nice!😊

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