The Melting Point ❤️

My husband just took me out to lunch to a darling simple little restaurant in a small part of our city called Allentown. It’s called”Melting Point”and most of what they serve is amazingly creative Grilled Cheese sandwiches with soup! Our sandwiches were made with lots of tasty cheese, chicken, avocado and thick bacon with different greens & special dressings, they were to die for and even the homemade Tomato Basil soup was so flavorful I wanted more. Take a trip, you won’t regret it!

Truly I was surprised at the Allentown neighborhood, It’s so lively, lovely and colorful…ask the residents, they’ll tell you that Allentown is known for its wonderful history, its community of artists and its walkable simple vine covered neighborhood filled with dining, small galleries, and quaint retail shops. Its history starts way back in the 1800’s with a farmer, Lewis F. Allen, who aquired this land from a neighbor (hence the name Allentown!) where he farmed hard and raised cattle. Allen’s regular cattle path became what we know here as Allen Street (allentown’s Main Street). As time went by naturally Allen became a very influential person around the city and changed the face of his community forever, since then people have tried to keep it as it was long ago with its unique homes, timeless feel and creative vibes. I hope they can continue! Just a quick fact that I was surprised to learn is that Allen’s cherished nephew who he molded to greatness was the notable Grover Cleveland, one of Buffalo’s finest mayors and this country’s both 22nd and 24th president! Who know😄… Long ago history and Food is such a joy to me!





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  1. run2kar says:

    …. a fun and relaxing outing ….


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