Making another memory…Pork Ragu with Homemade Spaghettini❤️

imageimageimageThis is one of those Sunday Dinners that makes me smile😃 I have such wonderful memories of the smells coming from the kitchen in my childhood home, at my grandmother’s house and even at our home for these past 35 yrs. Life may have changed for most of us but that smell always brings me back to those good old days…. from the adding of the olive oil, to the browning of the pork, the chopping of the garlic & basil, to the adding of the tomato purée & tomato paste to the pot. Making this Pasta Sauce and watching it simmer, to having big hunks of crusty bread around for dipping will be the quintessential comfort food for me, It will forever be my heritage, my love and something they tell me I’m pretty good at. So Please enjoy your memories and I hope they are as marvelous as mine! Ciao😘


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  1. run2kar says:

    What can one add to this stimulating entry …. the crusty bread is the most welcoming antipasto! Godere e fare alcuni ricordi!!! Bravo!!!!

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