Grandma Lena’s Roasted Rosemary Chicken💛

IMG_3435IMG_3437This is a truly wonderful childhood memory for me❤ So many Sunday dinners at my grandmother’s house began with this roasted chicken and potatoes, the aromas coming  from her kitchen were so intoxicatingly that you couldn’t help but become hungry! These dinners usually always included a hugh antipasto of greens, meats, beans & cheeses and even some sort of homemade pasta with sauce… It was glorious!! I’m sure all of my cousins, my siblings and our parents remember these dinners because we have all made and still cherish Grandma Lena’s recipes! Those warm memories come back every time I make this dish so I hope you’ll try it and make memories of your own 😘 Mangia Mangia!

Whole chicken pieces…Wings, Legs, Breasts and Thighs

large White Potatoes, cut into thick slices

Salt & Pepper

Dried Rosemary

Extra virgin Olive Oil

Clean and dry chicken pieces, cut potatoes and place all into a roasting pan lined with foil. Pour olive oil over chicken pieces and Liberally sprinkle with salt & pepper and rosemary, toss with hands to coat all sides. Drizzle with a little more olive oil and place into 400 degree oven, roast for 45 mins to 1 hr (turning at least once) till Chicken is crispy, golden brown and potatoes are soft.  Enjoy!!🍷


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  1. run2kar says:

    A simple meal that is simply one of the best! Enjoy! Mangia!!!

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  2. Tina Canali says:

    Cugina – this recipe so reminds me of my Mom! She would get the chicken so crispy (scrockey!- have no idea how to spell that!) AND THE POTATOES TOO,…..but they were NEVER dry, so moist in the middle! Thank you for sharing alittle bit a Grandma Lena! Makes me smile~

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  3. kmuccigrosso says:

    😘 Tina you are the best!


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