Pickin Fresh Snap Peas☀️


IMG_3830IMG_3832IMG_3827I did something today that brought me right back to my childhood!!! Every year at about this time for as long as I can remember, my grandmother would take me to a local farm and we would wander through a field of beautiful green vines. We were picking fresh green snap peas! I was in heaven…they were my favorite❤️and still are to this day! I would sit on the ground in the warm sun for what seemed like hours lifting the vines and picking the pods, probably eating as many as I picked. It’s such a vivid memory😍 Well, today at a local area farm I was a little girl again, thinking of my gram, sitting in the warm sun and eating those wonderfully tasty little green peas as I went along lifting the vines and picking the plump pods. It was so fun, I was wishing I could share this with my grand babies, maybe someday when they’re older I will❤️ So to end, if I don’t eat them all when I get home, I’ll for sure make something scrumptious to share with you! Has really been one of those “feel good” days for sure…enjoy our beautiful weather everyone😎


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  1. run2kar says:

    What a great way to enjoy a “feel good” day. I await the upcoming recipe. This is the time of year for “farm to meal” menu treats! I am salivating already!


  2. That is one out door activity I thoroughly enjoy😊💕


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