About Me❤




I am a wife, mother, grandma “Mimi”, a retired nurse and a lover of all that is food! Cooking is a passion of mine and if you can’t guess from my posts, Italian is my very favorite! I did come from a large family and as long as I can remember I sat, watched, helped and listened to both my Italian grandmother’s and my mom make those huge Italian meals for years, so hence “my passion!” Even longtime friends and family keep reminding me of their memories and most of the time it revolves around my food. So please follow me along on my journey of memories, discovering new & old recipes and just feeding my wonderful family. Thank you to my wonderful husband for allowing me to do what I’m loving and for being my sweet honest taste tester, Paulie you are one in a million, I think I’ll keep him! Stay well everyone, eat what you love and always find time for your family….it’s my heart❤ Ciao